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We are both a creative "think-tank" and an innovation "do-tank" working with our customers to deliver meaningful experiences in an interactive environment. Specializing in the creation and production of interactive, immersive games, training programs, and services. We believe that immersive learning is the future of gaming and learning / development.
We believe immersive learning is a step in a new direction to fully engage not only the current workforce who are able to adapt to the steady pace of technological change, but to the future workforce whose lives are entwined with technological interactivity.

Latest News

FERDENO Launches:
"Digital mine for a digital future"
Sudbury Star | 2016 August
It is part video game, part life-saving training course and all very, very cool (and novel). NORCAT's new Ferdeno simulation mine, housed at Dynamic Earth, has been dubbed a "digital mine for a digital future".
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Dynamic Earth exhibit puts users in virtual underground mine rescue
CBC News | 2016 August
Visitors to Sudbury's Dynamic Earth can now see what it takes to be in mine rescue. An installation called Ferdeno places people in a virtual underground mine.
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NORCAT launches safety training using immersive Virtual Reality
Sudbury.com | 2015 March
The Oculus Rift is a new virtual reality headset that allows players to step inside their favourite games and completely immerse themselves in the virtual world.
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